01. December 2018 - 15:00
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The Art of Tinsley Time and Travel | Tingas Tinsley | Saturday, 01. December 2018

The Milestones of the Tinsley Time and Travel Project have each been marked by a piece of art made by an artist from Ignite Imaginations. The residents of Tinsley have collaborated in the making of each of these pieces, which are the culmination of the achievements of this collaboration between heritage, community and art in the production of these beautiful testaments to time and travel in Tinsley. We would like to invite you all to view all the pieces exhibited together for the first time.
The launch of the exhibition will take place from 3pm on Saturday the 1st of December. At this launch event we will be providing a free afternoon tea and a chance to talk to artists about the work. There will also be an art treasure hunt for children!
The art will then be on display for a week at Tingas.
This event is FREE and open to all.