15. March 2019 - 13:00
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Autism Dialogue 2019 | Quaker Meeting House | Friday, 15. March 2019

Welcome to the booking page for Autism Dialogue 2019 (AD19), we're very glad you are considering coming on the programme this year.  Full information page is here
Places are free but we kindly request a donation of £40 for the year (£80 for organisations).  Please make your donation using this page at any time.
Provisional programme dates:
Friday March 15th - Introductory day, come along and see if you like dialogue.
Friday April 26th
Friday May 17th
Friday June 28th
Friday July 19th
July 'Improving Dialogue Skills' two day workshop (dates tbc).
Friday August 16th
Friday September 20th
Friday October 18th
Friday 29th November - Conference
Some guidelines:
You must either identify as an autistic ***** (18 and over / official diagnosis is not necessary) or be a family member or researching in / working in the field of autism and/or dialogue to attend. If you've any questions about this please get in touch.
Dialogue is a specific, easy to learn method, and requires some basic understanding.  If you have not already, you must read about Autism Dialogue here before you book a place.  Please spend some time absorbing this material we have carefully written.  There is also a page of frequently asked questions here that we strongly encourge you to read.

Places on Autism Dialogue programme are strictly limited so if you are unsure about taking part, either ask, or please do not book a place.
If you are new to Dialogue but nervous about attending, we encourage you to attend the first session to see if you like it, then commit to the programme.
Some basic material will be sent to you via email beforehand and will be repeated verbally at the start of the sessions. You can read the four Dialogic Practices here.
You must have ability and willingness to support the group's aims, which is made up of about twenty adults (including the facilitators), many of whom are autistic.  Some of the attendees will have attended previous sessions, some will have not.
Places on this course are free but we are a tiny charity and kindly ask for a non-obligatory single donation (£40-80) to help cover expenses. Donations can be made here.

"What a wonderful group of people. I can’t really adequately describe the combination of compassion, respect, affinity and engagement with others that I’ve had - it seems somewhat unique." 
"Attending Autism Dialogue for the first time was a wonderful experience and I would enthusiastically recommend it to other autistic adults who would like to have an open and compassionate discussion about autism, their own experiences and lives, and the ways that autism can be approached, shared, and even celebrated."
By obtaining a ticket and booking on to this course, you understand that Autism Dialogue is a special technique of group communication, that you agree to read related material sent to you via email and that you adhere to some simple guidelines, you are attending of your own accord and have no obligation other than to support the general aims and that you understand you are free to leave the programme at any time. 
DISCLAIMER: Autism Dialogue is the name for a novel, peer-led community discussion exercise. The organisers make no claim to be experts in autism or dialogue methodology whatsoever, they are volunteers acting in an independent capacity and are not responsible for any matters arising (whether personal, mental or physical, including loss or damage of property) as a consequence of anyone attending the meetings described. View our safeguarding policy here.  The Quaker Meeting House has its own building rules and regulations, which you can obtain from their office.