DTA Elective: 3D Cell Culture (2 day elective) | Sheffield Hallam University (Room to be confirmed) | Thursday, 16. May 2019

3D Cell Culture
Mammalian cell culture is a useful technique which can be utilised to investigate a wide range of cell behaviours and model systems. However 2D (monolayer) culture is routinely applied for investigation of cell behaviour. However 2D culture fails to represent the 3D environment cells reside in in vivo. This elective will combine theoretical sessions and practical training in the importance of 3D culture and will provide a number of examples of 3D culture systems. This elective will be of use to anyone who performs or is interested in performing mammalian cell culture and using this as model systems.
Pre-work: Prior to the session Registrants will be expected to provide details of culture systems and cell types currently investigating (or those proposed within the PhD).
Target audience: This elective is open to all years and we would welcome supervisors as well if wished, this elective is aimed at those who wish to utilise or are utilising cell culture in their PhD. Participants should have an understanding of mammalian cell culture and aseptic technique. This is a specific course designed for DTA students but will also be open to students from the host institution.
Learning outcomes: This 2 day course will provide theoretical knowledge on the importance of 3D culture and advantages over 2D cultures for modelling biological systems in vitro. A number of 3D culture systems will be discussed and hands on experience will be provided on commonly utilised 3D systems. We would also like to showcase 3D culture systems which are utilised by DTA members and request any attendees who are already utilising 3D culture to contact the organiser so we can include this within a series of short talks on 3D systems used to foster collaborations and co-operation across partner institutions.
Booking deadline: Thursday 2nd May 2019