11. October 2019 - 14:00 till 17:00
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Essential Somatic Movement: An Experiential Introduction for Counsellors | The Academy SPACE | Friday, 11. October 2019

Essential Somatics Movement is an education practice in the tradition of existential philosopher and Clinical Somatics creator Thomas Hanna, which helps you feel more at ease in your body by increasing self-awareness and actively releasing muscle tension. 
This workshop will introduce and teach some basics of Essential Somatics Movement – combining learning about Hanna’s Somatics with practising some of the movements. 
As this workshop’s primarily for counselling practitioners, I’ll outline ways Hanna Somatic Education and Movement often has an emotional impact and resonance, and also how it might be of benefit to clients & counsellors alike. The workshop promises to be particularly thought-provoking for those interested in MUS (medically unexplained symptoms) & trauma; Somatics also speaks to experiences and causes of anxiety & depression. 
We’ll do some floor work (space permitting!) and also explore seated & standing movements, for at least a full hour of this workshop. You’ll thereby start to experience the possibilities this practice opens up to eradicate tightness, tension & discomfort in your body, enabling you to move more comfortably, with more awareness, and ultimately with more joy.
The workshop will not train you to ‘use’ Essential Somatic Movements in the counselling room, but will creates a space to discuss the concept of the soma and how it informs understandings of personal identity, and to consider issues such as how and why Carl Rogers influenced Thomas Hanna, and how the insights of Somatics might shed light on aspects of your experience as a counsellor and more generally. It will allow you to consider if and for whom it might be appropriate for referral purposes.
If time allows, I’ll also outline what individual Clinical Somatics sessions involve, and invite further questions and discussion.