02. August 2020 - 9:00 till 17:00
Gaard Coffee Hide, Sheffield
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Gaard Dog Party | Sunday, 02. August 2020

A little something to get everyone excited for!


(This date is still provisional and may be subject to change! We will follow advice of the government and throw this party when it is safe to do so)


To celebrate the end of COVID-19 we are throwing a HUGE Gaard Dog Party.

Bring your pooches down to Gaard Coffee Hide for an exciting day of Dog fun.

We will have many things there from Dog treats, Dog groomers, a Pet photographer and LOADS more still to be announced...

We will be serving all usual Food, Drinks and Coffee on the event with some added extras!

Press GOING on the event to stay up to date with more details...

See you there!!!