08. August 2019 - 9:30
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Garden Gate Self-Optimisation 2 Day Individual or Couple Program: August 8th & 9th 2019 | The Coach House | Thursday, 08. August 2019

Garden Gate® 2 Day Individual or Couple Programs provide intense counselling and coaching for high impact self-optimisation and change management. They are designed for people who would like one to one support throughout the program and require absolute confidentiality. They provide the most in-depth Garden Gate® experience, allowing greater time for depth, reflection and fine-tuning.
Individual Garden Gate® programs include:

2 online preparation coaching sessions (50 minutes) before the program
Self Assessment  and Optimisation Log
Support Strategy
One to one therapeutic support during all 10 units of the program
The option to book an online follow-up session after the program
The option to book online annual review sessions after the program
An invitation to join the Garden Gate® Optimisation Network
Refreshments and lunch during the program (all diets catered for)
Accommodation at The Coach House on Thursday night (double room)

The work is intensive and is designed to develop a detailed and precise understanding of who you are, how you behave and the dynamics at play. You will be supported in evaluating your current life, exploring your past and envisaging your future. Working at this depth and speed is demanding, tiring and can be upsetting, so you will need to take care of yourself very well during the process.
Individual and couple programs provides personal support throughout each stage of the program.  We will work as a team of two or three to explore difficulty and optimise positive change.
Please have a look at https://gardengate.org.uk/garden-gate-programs/ to read case studies from previous clients.
The Garden Gate® has 10 units. Each unit presents an idea and a method for working through it. The units build on each other so that you create a personal toolkit:

The Logic of the Garden Gate: understand how it works and take your current Garden Gate Score.
Who's Garden?: explore your internal-external validation system and who is important.
Four Legged Chair: define your priorities and measure how fully they are currently met.
Chapters: chart the changes in your life and define what prompted change for you.
Layers: map the evolution of your life and see what has shaped you.
Rule Book for Self: understand what has made you tick and how would you like to tick going forward.
Communication: define your Communication Mix and learn how to break negative chains of communication.
See Your Garden: visualise your garden, look at what came before and what you want to come next.
Symbolic and Safe Places: create symbolic and safe places to protect you and your garden going forward.
Your Garden Gate Plan: develop a plan for your current chapter and set a review date to monitor its progress.

You can expect the Garden Gate® to help you care for yourself and others better, communicate effectively at home and at work, become less sensitive/defensive/angry and plan for an optimised future. To work successfully with the Garden Gate® you will need to:

commit to your chosen program
prepare in advance by completing the preparation sessions and the Self Assessment and Optimisation Log
engage fully (there is a lot to cover in a short time and it's hard work)
complete a 3 Month Log to evaluate your progress 
practice the Garden Gate® actively in your life to allow your new Garden Gate® to bed in.

 The Garden Gate® has been developed by Anne Lindley-French over the last decade and refined with client input. It draws on psychotherapy and counselling theory to create a framework which can be used quickly and in the now - life doesn't give us much time to think.