14. June 2019 - 19:00 till 21:00
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Introduction to Unified Mindfulness | The Annex, The Ranmoor Parish Centre | Friday, 14. June 2019

Introduction to Unified Mindfulness - Sheffield Workshop
Friday 14th June 7:00-9:00pm Live Workshop at The Ranmoor Parish Centre, Sheffield S10 3GXTicket Price: £ 9.25 (to cover room cost)

Would you like the benefits of mindfulness in your life? You’ve probably read about mindfulness, heard it on the radio or TV and are wondering if it can benefit you. You may have explored mindfulness for yourself watching videos; audio downloads or even gone on a class. Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem to be doing anything for you.
This short live workshop in a small group will teach you a cutting-edge approach to mindfulness. This approach is being hailed as a major breakthrough. The traditional approaches were developed from practices that were carried out in monasteries and people going on long silent retreats. The modern world requires a different approach. This new approach is called Unified Mindfulness.

You will leave this class with:

A simple mindfulness development technique that you know how to use.

You will use this technique sufficiently in the workshop so you can confidently use it in your life.

An experience of mindfulness for yourself.

A mindfulness approach that is completely independent of any religion or spiritual belief.


The course is practical; there’ll be no theoretical or complex ideas to take on board. The teachers will guide you through your own experiences, understanding and appreciation of mindfulness.
Mindfulness is something that happens in your head. Nobody on the outside can tell what’s going on. At the class, there’ll be simple short practice sessions with group discussions. This has been found to be the most effective and efficient way to learn mindfulness it’s not about convincing you is about allowing you to experience your own mind for yourself.

Here are what others have said about this mindfulness approach:

“It’s a friendly, non-judgmental few hours. You feel like you’re amongst friends. ”
“I really enjoyed the small group and informal atmosphere. It was informative and illuminating.”

“Amazing experience with easy techniques which can easily be adapted into daily life. Shall be using them from now on.”
“It is very practical – accessible and friendly/non-threatening.”
“I particularly liked the focus on practice. I feel familiar enough with the techniques to go away and try them alone, even though some of it was quite challenging”
“I knew very little about Mindfulness and was not sure what to expect. I now feel that I understand a little more and have found the course really interesting, I’ve been introduced to new ideas and concepts that I think will help me cope better in the future.
I would recommend this course to anyone with an enquiring, open mind who would like to find strategies to cope better with stresses and worries.
I’ve enjoyed Meeting lovely folk and thinking new thoughts every week. I also found it valuable to learn that there’s no need to feel guilty about being kind to yourself!”

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