29. January 2019 - 13:00
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Making it Happen: Business Coaching and Mentoring Program | A Mind Apart | Tuesday, 29. January 2019

Being self-employed or running a small business isn’t always simple. You often have to be everything to everyone, which can lead to struggling with time management, cash-flow and sometimes even burn out.
So, how do you run your business, market your services or product, build up your customer base, and keep on top of your finances, all whilst making sure that you have time for you and those around you; and still love what you do?
Our Making it Happen program, gives you the space to explore all of this through teaching and guidance, group coaching and one-to-one coaching sessions specific to your needs at that time. All of this is delivered by Jodie Marshall, our Managing Director who has over ten years of experience running a business and supporting others to do the same through mentoring, consultancy and coaching (Find out more about Jodie and her experiences and qualifications by clicking here).
Making it Happen: Business Program, is perfect for self-employed creatives and non-creatives, or small business owners wanting some support and input without having to pay what you can’t afford.
The program runs for six weeks, with two hours of physical teaching and group coaching, plus six weekly, one hour coaching sessions with Jodie, arranged at a convenient time for you. The one-to-one coaching can be done ****-to-**** or via an online video platform.
The programs will take you through understanding where you or your business is at, where you want it to be and how you get there.
Week 1: Where am I and where do I wish I was?
Week 2: Making the most of our networks and building relationships through collaboration.
Week 3: Forecasting and funding
Week 4: Marketing and promoting
Week 5: Working with bigger businesses and Local Authorities
Week 6: Growing your business and checking in with yourself
If you are ready to take the next steps of your career or business journey, and want to be supported through it with someone who has been there, book today to secure your place.