15. December 2019 - 10:00 till 17:00
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MMI Medical School Interview Course in Sheffield (2020 Entry) - Medicine Interview Preparation | Sheffield City Centre | Sunday, 15. December 2019

This course is a full day medicine interview course between 10am-5:00pm, designed to teach prospective pupils to target their medical school interview questions and hit those points in the actual interview mark scheme. It involves teaching the must-know knowledge needed in medicine interviews to fully understand most questions that will likely be asked. It also involves a mock interview where pupils can practice or watch a simulated situation. The course is also followed through with continuous interactive live Q&A sessions where students or parents (parents are fully welcomed too!) can ask questions related to their needs.
This course will cover:
•Common questions asked including: why medicine, why this medical school, qualities of a doctor and how you can relate to these qualities, why not nursing, work experience, role of a doctor and GMC guidelines, use of anecdotes...etc.
•Using your personal statement
•Targeting potential medical school questions
•Major medical conditions
•Medical training
•Challenges within the NHS
•Current affairs/Advances in medicine
•Medical ethics with Scandals
•Multiple Mini Interviews
•Tips by our highly selected teaching staff
(Only 10 tickets available for each event)