03. February 2019 - 19:30 till 23:30
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Part Chimp + Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs + Haggard Cat | Record Junkee | Sunday, 03. February 2019

Part Chimp and Pigs x7 team up for an exclusive co-headline show as part of Independent Venue Week 2019. Support from Nottinghams finest, Haggard Chimp - Part Chimp is an English rock band from Camberwell, , distorted, and loud are three words that have become synonymous with South London's Part Chimp. Formed in 2000 by Tim Cedar (vocals and guitar), Jon Hamilton (drums), and Nick Prior (bass) out of the ashes of the short-lived indie rock outfit Ligament, the band set about playing their first shows in December of that year, and bolstered their distortion-drenched sound with the addition of guitarist Iain Hinchliffe. A support slot for Mogwai at London's Shepherds Bush Empire in March 2001 saw them signed to the Glaswegian post-rockers' Rock Action John Cummings-produced debut album, Chart Pimp, was released in 2003, and with the levels pushed to the max, the band earned comparisons to other gargantuan noise-mongers including My ****** Valentine, Dinosaur Jr., and Sonic Youth. With a prestigious John Peel session under their belt, original bassist Nick Prior departed and was replaced by Kling Klang member Joe McLaughlin for the recording of their second album. Produced again by Mogwai's John Cummings, I Am Come received critical acclaim across the board for its sheer ear-bleeding mix of sludgy guitars, distorted vocals, and pummeling drums. With the arrival of ex-Ikara Colt member Tracy Bellaries in 2008 on bass duties, Part Chimp returned to their own Dropout Studios to record their third album, 2009's Thriller. In 2011, Part Chimp amicably parted ways, with the members pursuing other projects. Five years later, the band reunited for live dates, and the shows went well enough that they opted to record another album. Part Chimp's fourth studio album, fittingly titled IV, was released by Rock Action in April Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs - Newcastle lads currently out for world domination. A must see. Pigsx7’s is a world of downtuned doom in which no riff is too monolithic, no chord progression too bludgeoning. They sound as if they should be caught between the conflicting urges to hit a massive bong or go out on choppers. In fact, they’re a perfectly unbikery-looking quintet from Newcastle upon Tyne, longtime participants in that city’s music scene (two of them play live with the brilliant Richard Dawson) who have suddenly and unexpectedly broken the surface with this project, in which 70s heavy metal is played both straight and as some kind of art second album is rather more accessible than last year’s debut, Feed the Rats, in relative terms at least. Where that had only three tracks, two of them more than a quarter of an hour long, this one offers six, and none break the nine-minute mark. It’s more sonically expansive: on Feed the Rats, all the instruments sounded as if they were recorded on top of each other, in the world’s loudest broom cupboard, but there’s rather more space to breathe this time round. That doesn’t reduce the effect of the riffs: they’re still pulverising, but now they sound like an advancing storm front rather than as if you’ve been trapped in a sudden downpour. I’d love to tell you about the lyrics – sin is apparently a big theme – but they’re largely obscured by the guttural bellow of singer Matt Baty. Still. It’s hard not to hail the magnificence of a group who name the album’s centrepiece track A66, though they’re probably thinking of the Middlesbrough end rather than having afternoon tea in Cockermouth. - The GuardianLISTEN:  Cat - “Sounds like a cross between The Chemical Brothers & Oasis” - Benji from SkindredNottingham 2 piece noise-riff, machine on Earache 3rd February Record Junkee£12.50 ADV | 14+ | 7:30PM7 Earl St, The Moor, Sheffield, S1 4PY