19. November 2018 - 18:00
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Sheffield Rowing S&C Cluster (Winter 2018 - Nov & Dec). | Sheffield | Monday, 19. November 2018

This Eventbrite is for payment of the winter training Cluster for the back end of November and for December.
This short training block will take us through to the new year. As this is a short block we have reduced the fees by 50%
Dave & Jordan.
The City of Sheffield Rowing S&C programme at Sheffield Hallam University has been gathering momentum for over 4 years. The programme will continue to be delivered in A005 by Lee Rickards and Chris Smithson Connerly. It will provide crew members with  fun and engaging sessions that will benefit their rowing on a number of levels:
Decrease injury risk
Rowing has been shown to have a high incidence of injury rates including the most common injuries of lower back pain resulting in lower back disk herniation as well as lateral knee pain (Rumboll et al. 2005). Strengthening muscles and mobilising joints as a whole through compound lifts including, squats, deadlift variations and Olympic lift derivatives helps reduce this incidence by strengthening weak muscles including gluteus maximus which will promote spinal stability during high compressive and shear forces occurring in rowing. Furthermore improving hip, ankle, shoulder and thoracic mobility helps to achieve a greater range of motion which leads to a longer stroke during rowing on the water.
Improve rowing times on the water
Strength training has been shown to increase economy during aerobic sports due to fibre type conversion of type 2b to type 2a. This has the same relevance in rowing due to energy metabolism of rowing being predominantly 70% aerobic 30% anaerobic. Moreover Lawton, Cronin and McGuigan, (2011) found that rowers who take part in strength training achieve faster boat speeds due to generating greater net propulsive forces.
Improve physique helping reduce body fat and promoting muscle.
Strength training helps improve lean body mass whilst decreasing body fat which helps to row at higher forces whilst at a lighter body mass thus increasing acceleration due to Newton’s second law of F=MA.  In addition strength training increases resting metabolic rate by promoting muscle protein synthesis for 24 hours following strength training. The higher percentage of muscle mass your body has the higher resting metabolic rate you will obtain.
Have fun in a psychosocial environment
Sharing a 90 minute session with members of the public who have the same interest and enjoyment in the sport of rowing creates a friendly and enthusiastic atmosphere for all.  Start of every session involves a dynamic group warm up where everyone will work together going through different movement patterns and stretches to help mobilise joints for the session ahead. Following on the group will split up into a weights programme which consists of smaller groups working around different exercises according to ability. We welcome all abilities to attend and insist that you will be working with people of the same standard and coached by professionals who will help you improve with every session.