29. November 2019 - 5:15 till 22:30
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2019 BYOB Trolley / Bus Christmas Light Tours | Hamlin Pub 22 Mile and Hayes | Friday, 29. November 2019

**21 and older event on all dates except for Family days which will be December 23rd and 26th**

Come join us for our 2019 Christmas light tour as we check out some of the biggest and best holiday light displays in the state!  We will have a stop in Detroit at Campus March, the Detroit Zoo Wild Lights and Downtown Rochester.  We encourage everyone to dress in their favorite Christmas gear and outfits but it is not mandatory.  We do suggest dressing warm as you will be outside for a lot of the event.   
 The first bus is our 32 passenger trolley.  This is the most spacious trolley around and has more leg room than most. The second bus is our 27 passenger corporate shuttle which has black leather forward facing seats.  This bus is built for luxury and comfort.  Most of the seats recline and have seat belts. Both buses will be decorated with Christmas decorations inside and will be playing Christmas music for the drive!  Lights Tour Schedule -  
Boarding time will be 5:15 pm Depart from Hamlin Pub at 5:30 pm Arrive at Campus Martius ice rink and giant Christmas tree around 6:20 pm Leave Campus Martius at 7:15 pmArrive to Detroit Zoo Wild Light show around 7:40 pmLeave Zoo at 9:00 pm Arrive to Downtown Rochester big bright light show around 9:30 pm Leave Rochester at 10:10 pmArrive back to Hamlin Pub around 10:30 pm
The buses will be Holiday themed and play Christmas music during the drive.   All guests will receive a free Santa hat for the tour as well.  It leaves Hamlin Pub at 5:30 P.M.  You can bring a small lap sized cooler and you can enjoy an ***** beverage along the way.  Our bus will arrive at each stop where you will get off the bus and tour the stop, take pictures, and check out any of the local shops at the stops.  We will leave each stop right at the set time and we will not be able to wait for anyone that has not returned yet so we suggest to get to the bus 5 - 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time.  We cannot control traffic and weather conditions so departure and arrival times may vary if that happens.  Once we stop you will be able to go anywhere you please at each stop.  You may not be able to see perfectly out the windows as we are driving but you will be able to see it all up close once we stop. 
Come in early after the event to Hamlin Pub for 20% off your tab for anyone from the tour.
The price may go up as the dates get closer so get your tickets in advance.
This is a rain, shine, or snow event! 
We reserve the right to switch the Tolley or shuttle bus to a party bus in the case of a bus being out of commission for any reason. 
 Questions and Answers.
Question - Does the price include the Zoo wild lights ticket?Answer - Yes we provide a ticket to get in the zoo.
Question - Do I need my tickets printed to board the bus.Answer - No, as long as the person who bought the tickets is part of the group and has proper I.D.
Question - Can you drink alcohol on the bus?Yes this is a 21 and older event and you must have proper I.D.  No glass please.
Question - Can I eat food on the bus?Answer - Yes small snacks are allowed. 
Question - Can you bring a cooler on the bus?Answer - Yes, a small 6 pack sized cooler is allowed and could be put by your feet.
Question - Are there bathrooms on the buses?Answer - No, but there are bathrooms at each stop.
Question - Can you leave items on the bus when you get off the bus?Answer - Yes you can leave items on the bus but we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Only people from the shuttle will be allowed on the bus but it's hard for the driver to keep track of who brought what.
Question - Are there refunds?Answer - All sales are final and no refunds will be issued unless the event gets cancelled from our end.
Question - What if I miss the bus? Answer - If you miss the bus at any point you can still find a ride to the next stop such as uber and get back on the bus. 
We have the right to remove anyone from the bus that is not being respectful to others, that is too drunk, or any other reason our driver feels they are out of line.
There is also a minimum clean up fee of $150 for anyone that gets sick on the bus.  
We also have a private tours available.  Plus we may be able to have a professional Santa be your chauffeur for the evening at an additional cost.  Call for pricing and availability.
The pick up location is subject to change and you will be notified if it does.