31. October 2019 - 17:30 till 23:15
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Carrie Underwood Shuttle Bus to LCA from Hamlin Pub 22 Mile & Hayes | Hamlin Pub Shelby | Thursday, 31. October 2019

We are offering a shuttle to see Carrie Underwood at Little Caesars Arena.  This shuttle will be in one of our luxury shuttle buses,  party buses, or trolley.  Please be to the bar at least 15 minutes before your departure time because the bus leaves right at the scheduled time and can not wait for anyone that is late.  You can enjoy an ***** beverage along the way if you are 21 or older.  This saves you the hassle of dealing with traffic and worrying about finding someone to drive.  Our bus will arrive to the concert and will allow you to hang out by the bus and tailgate if you want to. We will leave 20 minutes after the concert ends.  We cannot control traffic and weather conditions so departure and arrival times may vary if that happens.  There also may be a quick stop or 2 along the way to the event to pick up more people but if there is it would allow for a quick bathroom break.
Questions and Answers.

Question - Is the price for a round trip?
Answer - Yes we take you to and from the event.

Question - Do I need my tickets printed to board the bus.
Answer - No, as long as the person who bought the tickets is part of the group and has proper I.D.

Question - Can you drink alcohol on the bus?
Answer - Yes as long as you are 21 or older with proper I.D. No glass please.

Question - Can I eat food on the bus?
Answer - No, but you can bring food and eat it outside the bus once we arrive to the event. The bus does stay there and allows you to hang out before entering the event if desired.

Question - Can you bring a cooler on the bus?
Answer - Yes, a small cooler is allowed and could be put by you feet.

Question - Are there bathrooms on the buses?
Answer - No, but there are porter potties out side most venues that can be used when we arrive. If the bus features a stop on the way to pick up more people you would have the option to run in while we board more people.

Question - Can you leave items on the bus when you go in the show?
Answer - Yes you can leave items on the bus but we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Only people from the shuttle will be allowed on the bus but its hard for the driver to keep track of who brought what.

Question - Are there refunds?
Answer - All sales are final and no refunds will be issued unless the event gets cancelled.

Question - What if I miss the bus?
Answer - If its on your way to the event you can still find a ride there such as uber and take the bus home. If you miss it after the event you must find your own ride home.

We have the right to remove any guest from the bus that are not being respectful to others, that is too drunk, or any other reason our driver feels they are out of line.  There is a minimum fee of $150 for anyone that gets sick on the bus.  

Remember some of our buses are limousine style buses which means you do not have an individual seat and for sold out shuttles it can be a little bit of a tight fit. 586-772-2777

We also have a 6 hour package for most concert and sporting events for just $450 plus gratuity if you have a large enough group to rent an entire bus.  Some restrictions apply.