17. August 2019 - 8:30 till 10:00
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BSAC Animal Encounter Snorkelling Experience | Skegness Aquarium | Saturday, 17. August 2019

The BSAC Animal Encounter Experience is aimed at the complete novice snorkeler to have the opportunity for a close up interactive opportunity with the baby sharks at Skegness Aquarium. The program is specifically aimed at children between the ages of 6-11 years old, meaning the activity can appeal to a primary school group, the beaver/cub movement, or the parent looking for that perfect adrenaline fuelled gift.
One of the biggest positive elements of this unique experience is Skegness Aquarium bred sharks make the Lost Lagoon their home which helps in the battle to prove that conservative efforts such as the one at Skegness Aquarium can be used for the greater good. One such greater good is the mission statement of the BSAC Animal Encounter Experience which is as follows:
“To enlighten and educate the next generation on the fragile state of the elasmobranch population in the wild, whilst attempting to remove the fear placed upon them from older generations through the media.”
Once in the Lost Lagoon the children will then perform some very basic training skills to get comfortable with the equipment (mask/snorkel clear, etc), these skills are all performed with the use of a tangible reference in the form of a floated rope. The lost lagoon is only 1.1m deep so there is an appeal for the less confident water goers, the experience can be completed by non-swimmers, or by comfortable swimmers floating on the surface.
It is now time to bring out the animals….all the while, the sharks have been hiding in the rockwork whilst the children have been performing the basic skills previously mentioned. The baby sharks are easily teased out of their homes with the use of a bit of food, as usual with baby sharks, once there is a scent of chopped up squid in the water all the other sharks come rushing out for a bit of an exploration. The inhabitants are as follows: 5 baby Hasselt Catsharks, 1 Epaulette Sharks, 2 Coral Catsharks and a larger Brown Banded Bamboo Catshark. This in water session lasts for between 20-30minutes based on the comfort levels of the animals.
Once dry and on a baby shark high, all participants are given a BSAC Animal Encounter Experience certificate and poster which comes as part of the pack. But a wider picture for the industry is that included in the price is the option of 3 months free BSAC membership. The program also has the support of the Shark Trust whose slogan taken from the ‘British Sharks’ leaflet reads:
“Safeguarding the future of sharks through positive change”
The streamlined efforts of the BSAC, Shark Trust and Skegness Aquarium will help to raise the awareness of how important sharks are to the general condition of the world’s oceans. It is now time to give these amazing animals some positive limelight after decades of being the wrongly accused villain of the sea.....