29. January 2019 - 14:00 till 15:00
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Digital safety, living in a digital world (Skelmersdale) #digiskills | Skelmersdale Library | Tuesday, 29. January 2019

In a Digital World, fraud can happen in a number of different ways. To try and keep ourselves safe and secure, we need to understand the different types of fraud and how they can catch us free information and awareness session is designed to outline five different ways criminals can target us on our mobile phones, tablets and computers. So that hopefully we can become a little more aware of what to look for when using our on strong, unique passwords can also be discussed either as a whole or individually dependant on the needs of the group. There will also be someone available after the session to assist with any digital banking queries you need help with.
All welcome.
This event is free, but booking is required. Book your place here.
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