20. October 2019 - 10:00 till 14:00
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Naad Yoga Teacher Training - Level 1 | | Sunday, 20. October 2019

Naad Yoga is the yoga of sound. All experience has a sound, whether expressed aloud or not. The mastery of that sound within ourselves enables us to shape our experience. We compose our life. If we can hear the expressions of our own mind and soul, and what prompts them, we can go deeper to engage with that process as it happens and to direct it.
When we communicate with our inner experience in its own language – the sound of emotion, with its pitch, tone and rhythm – it becomes receptive to our influence. By composing our inner experience we also determine how we express ourselves to the external world, and its consequences. Naad Yoga is a continual process of going inward and outward through listening and expressing. It is sound that provides the map, the points of reference, by which we recognise our own experience and that of others.
Start your journey from stress to success: understanding how your emotional state is composed and then consciously converting negativity to positivity creates a happy and healthy life. The process is similar to the composition of music and Naad Yoga uses musical modes and our own emotions as raw material for personal development.
In this three-year programme, our focus is to prepare you for an experience of mastery in life. Tuning, listening, rhythm, singing, chakras, senses, emotional signatures, moods, composition and silence are the ten keys that will be used consistently.
We teach six instruments, bowed, plucked and percussion, used from ancient times as tools to build a spiritual bridge between body, mind and soul: Dilruba, Sarangi, Saranda, Rabab, Taus and Jori.
How does it work?You progress through a combination of supported learning at home, classes in a group and intensive residentials. The course includes:

24 weeks of practical learning at home with online/DVD course materials per year
One-hour local group support session each week (if available in your area; otherwise individual Skype session on request)

36 hours of group classes per year (1 session of 4 hours every month)

36 hours of teaching by Professor Surinder Singh on a residential intensive week in the first and second years

3-month break each year for reflection with individual practice and projects.

In the third year, one weekend and the intensive week are replaced by a two-week trip to India with Professor Surinder Singh, which also marks graduation from Level 1.The three years comprise Level 1, which gives you a secure grounding for personal practice, teaching and performance. There is an optional further year of development, Level 2.
For more information and registration please visit http://www.rajacademy.com/nytt/course-description and for further enquiries please email gagan@rajacademy.co.uk 
We look forward to welcoming you on your sound journey to your wellbeing and happiness.