13. June 2020 - 9:45
JJs Tuition, Southend-on-Sea
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11 Plus Mock Exams Southend, Chelmsford, Colchester - NEW CSSE STYLE PAPER | Saturday, 13. June 2020

This CSSE style practice mock test has been specifically created by a retired examiner and myself to make it the most realistic 11+ exam.

About this Event

11 Plus Mock Exams Southend, Chelmsford, Colchester - NEW CSSE STYLE PAPER


The 11 Plus is the first big exam your child will probably ever take and whatever their ability they are going to feel a little bit stressed and worried about it as this is a new experience for them. They don't know exactly what to expect so it can feel daunting at first.

Unfortunately you only get one proper go at the 11+ so it makes sense to practice for it but sitting a past paper in a classroom that they are familiar with isn't going to help them as much as doing mock exams where you are in an unfamiliar environment and you are confronted with a practice test paper you have never seen before.

Unlike some providers we don't use past papers, with the help of an ex examiner we have created one ourselves with the focus being on the CSSE style paper. So we try to make these mock exams feel as close as possible to the real thing. We expect all the children to follow strict exam like procedures.

Even the most able child can lose marks because this new experience gets the better of them nerves wise and for some that can be the difference between a pass and a fail. Your child will feel nervous at the start but they will soon settle down and some of them will come out of the exams not being able to answer a question they know the answer to because their nerves got the better of them. That is completely normal so by going through a mock test they will be mentally and academically better prepared for the real 11 Plus!

Academically speaking the mock practice tests will help identify which areas they are weak in and which they are strong in. Either independently or with our help through one of our 11 Plus intensive revision courses topics can be revisited and revised more extensively and those topics they are very strong in can be worried about less - it is all about using our time wisely because most children do not want to spend all their time revising especially if they are already confident on the topic.


Reports will be sent out to each parent (a small p&p charge applies) or they can be collected for free. The mock exam papers will include a break down of their marks which include: raw scores and percentages.

Because you get back their marked exam papers it means you can look closely to see where they want wrong in those certain topics and if you want further clarification we do offer feedback sessions held on a one to one basis. Expanding on that we also offer intensive 11 Plus mock exams to really drill down in to those areas they might be weaker and they are held over 4 days concluding with a mock exam. More details about the revision sessions can be found here

Just to recap the service we offer are: CSSE & CEM 11 plus mock exams; intensive revision courses; one to one feedback sessions and private one to one tutoring in Southend.

Why Choose me?

As well as creating these mock exam papers from scratch using the CSSE syllabus, they have been created in consultation with a retired examiner to make sure they closely emulate the real 11 Plus exams. I myself not only specialise in tutoring 11+ students but have also run many mock exams over the years. I have also invigilated exams for schools and universities. Over the years I have also run and managed numerous 11+ intensive revision courses.

All this experience I believe leaves me in a good position to help your child navigate what must be a very worrying and stressful experience for them. I will help make them feel more at ease, more confident and more familiar with exam like conditions.

I hope by the time your child has done a mock exam and/or an intensive revision course they will have gained more confidence and focus when it comes to tackling the 11 Plus

I run mock exams from January time right up to the beginning of September and each one is different.

The following dates are all from 9.45am to 12.30pm

13th June, 24th July, 12th August, 29th August and 6th September.

The CSSE and CEM style 11 Plus mock exams I offer are used to help gain entry to the following Southend, Chelmsford and Colchester schools:

Westcliff High Schools, Southend High Schools, Shoeburyness High School (Grammar Stream), St Bernard’s & St Thomas More High School (Grammar Streams), King Edward VI Grammar School, Colchester County High School for Girls and Colchester Royal Grammar School.

Length of Mock Exams:

English Paper (70 mins)

Break for refreshments and a snack (20mins)

Maths Paper (60 mins)


Payment needs to be made in advance to guarantee a reservation for your child. You can pay via Eventbrite. Alternatively if wish to book more than one 11 Plus mock exam (discounts offered); booster sessions or a review session then please visit my website here

Refund Policy:

Happy to give refunds when at least 7 days notice is given. If for any reason you or your child cannot make the exam after this period then we may at our discretion offer an alternative date and if an alternative date is not possible for you then we will send you the exam to do at your convenience.

Next steps:

After we have received your payment you will be sent a registration form. Contact details, collection details and any allergies your child might have when providing snacks and refreshments.


There is plenty of on street parking in Leigh/Southend. You can wait for your child in the waiting area, alternatively there are plenty of cafes and shops nearby.

Start times:

The 11 Plus mock exams generally start at 10 am sharp with registration 15 minutes before that. Please allow plenty of time to get your child to the exams as any late arrivals won't be allowed extra time. There are clocks in the rooms to let the children know what the time is. There are also boards displaying the start and finish time for each exam.

If you want to book another date (24th July, 12th August, 29th August and 6th September) please book this date (17th April) and leave a note when checking out that you want one of the other dates instead.

P.S. Check out my Facebook page packed with 11 Plus exam tips or you can look at the updates section on my Google my Business listing

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