15. October 2018 - 18:00 till 18:45
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Pilates Fundamentals 6w/k course | Northfield Centre | Monday, 15. October 2018


This is all about you and your bodies performance. We are striving to help you create a better you!
This 6 week beginners course in Pilates will teach you the fundamentals as your foundation.
Principally you will learn more about your body function and how controlled movement can enhance its performance, That may sound a bit heavy, but in simple terms we want to help you minimise your bodies weaknesses which will hopefully reduce the likelyhood of injury, pain and improve your postorual alignment.

The 6 week beginners course has a maximum of 10 people in the class.

Included in the course is your own Pilates mat and block.

Over the 6 weeks, we will build your understanding of your body by teaching you how to isloate different muscle groups, build muscular strength and endurance, improve mobility whilst increasing stability and balance.
You need to;
Wear loose, comfortable clothing. We recommend wearing layers to remove and repalce as we warm up and cool down through the class.
Bring bottled water - cold water is available to purchase if required.
Classes are carried out either bare feeet or in socks.
Classes are taught upstairs in the Dove room - your belongings can be left in our office next door to this as to remove any distractions.
You will be required to complete a par-q before oyur first class so please arrive early so you can discuss this through with the instructor, especially if you have some medical issues.
We are looking forward to working with you and taking you on the personal development through Pilates.