26. October 2019 - 10:00 till 16:00
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Breaking Free from the Leviathan Spirit | FreshFire Church Manchester | Saturday, 26. October 2019

The enemy has many subtle devices and powerful forces at his disposal. The worst kind of enemy attack is the covert attack. Covert attacks are stealth in nature and it is because of this that a significant amount of damage can occur before it is exposed. Sometimes, in the worst cases, the issue is never exposed and many have fallen to the enemy's ploy and have perished spiritually. The Leviathan Spirit is a stealth spirit. It is assigned as an enemy of the Church to bring destruction and division. It's name, Leviathan, means means "twister", for reasons that will become obvious.
The nature of this spirit is described in Isaiah 27:1 and more extensively in Job 41. The Lord uses an animal to describe the activities of this spirit, probably the Nile crocodile that steals up on its prey, snatches it, takes it into the water and literally twists the life out it until it can then be consumed. In Isaiah it is referred to as the "twisted serpent." Having consumed its prey it then flees. 
This demonstrates the vile nature of this spirit. In Job 41: 34 it is described as "king over all the children of pride," and it is pride that gives this spirit access into people's lives. Its influence is spread through those who are guilty of pride and self-righteousness. Like the crocodile this is a hidden spirit that can be lurking in the life of a church, ready to strike when given the opportunity. When it is exposed for what it is, it loses its power and hold over people as soon as they repent for coming under its influence. So there is nothing to fear from Leviathan because our faith is in the victory that the Lord Jesus Christ has already won over all the powers of the evil, the victory that is ours through His blood!

Have you been the victim of falsehoods, lies and twisted words?
Do you find yourself always in contentious situations and conflicts?
Are you carrying wounds from being misunderstood?
Do you battle with pride?
Do you regularly find yourself in situations that leave you confused?
Do you regularly misinterpret what people say to you?

If you've answered 'Yes' to any of the questions above, it is likely that Leviathan has been operating in your life and/or in your relationships. Book in to deal with this spirit once and for all. We'll have our prophetic ministry team on-hand to prophesy life and hope over you. If you answered, 'No' then it it might be that you can see this operating in your church, ministry, family or workplace. Come and learn how to dispalce this power from affecting the people you love. See you there!
Should my pastor be aware that I am attending this event?
It is always recommended that you are a regular church attender and that your pastors are notified of your intention to come to our Freedom Days. Ideally, you should seek their covering as there may be need for them to follow up any ministry that you receive. 

Is there an age limit to enter the event?
We recommend that delegates are 16 years and over.  

What are parking options for the event?
The is ample free car parking in our car park and on the local streets.

Is there childcare provided?
Unfortunately, there is no childcare provided for this event. Please do not bring babies and infants.

Will there be an offering?
We will receive a free-will offering to honour the Lord and invest in continuing the work of healing and restoration of believers in our nation. Thank you for your generosity.