09. November 2019 - 10:00 till 16:00
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Healing from Shock and Trauma with Steve Hepden | FreshFire Church Manchester | Saturday, 09. November 2019

When a person experiences a traumatic event it can have lasting effects. Sometimes events involve injuries that may be clearly visible. One thing we must remember is that God has made us in three parts - spirit, soul and body (1 Thessalonians 5:23).
Physical injuries heal in time and there may be some scarring or permanent imperfection as a result. What if a traumatic experience in your life has left you broken or damaged on the inside? Sometimes life events can be so sudden and out-of-the-blue, that we are left deeply shocked by it. Shock can be toxic to the soul and without healing can leave you battling with all kinds of spiritual scars. How many Christians are living their lives with emotional, spiritual, and behavioural scars?
Over the course of this Wholeness Day, we will be looking at how a person's spirit and soul can be affected through shock and trauma. It might be that the person has struggled a lot with fear or has been unable to **** certain situations since the trauma. The enemy will always try to steal from us when we are most vulnerable but God wants to bring deep healing into those areas and restore what was lost. Sometimes physical healing flows into the body as a result of ministering to the soul and removing the shock and trauma. 
Steve Hepden
The wonderful Steve Hepden, who serves on the Restoration Centre Team, will be teaching and ministering on this day and his experience in bringing healing and wholeness is wealthy. Steve has been in full-time Christian work since 1981. He has 25 years experience of various kinds of leadership in churches. This includes pastoring, preaching, teaching and planting new works. More recently he has worked with a large international ministry centre. Over the years Steve has become very well known both nationally and internationally as a gifted teacher with a powerful prophetic anointing. He has been involved in conferences and seminars covering a variety of subjects as well as authoring a number of books. Steve's heart is to see a release of Spirit and Word with an expression of the Father's passionate and intimate heart, which will free people into the reality of healing and deliverance.
Should my pastor be aware that I am attending this event?
It is always recommended that you are a regular church attender and that your pastors are notified of your intention to come to our Freedom Days. Ideally, you should seek their covering as there may be need for them to follow up any ministry that you receive. 

Is there an age limit to enter the event?
We recommend that delegates are 16 years and over.  

What are parking options for the event?
The is ample free car parking in our car park and on the local streets.

Is there childcare provided?
Unfortunately, there is no childcare provided for this event. Please do not bring babies and infants.

Will there be an offering?
We will receive a free-will offering to honour the Lord and invest in continuing the work of healing and restoration of believers in our nation. Thank you for your generosity.