21. July 2019 - 15:00 till 16:00
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Cosmic Heartbeat | The Centre of the Cosmos | Sunday, 21. July 2019

We invite you to a Sound Bath, a one1 hour guided journey.  Returning to the wombspace of the Universe to be reborn afresh to healing sound and the beat of the cosmic heart.  A steady drum beat leads the cosmic sounds of planet gongs, a stunning and powerful combination. Waves of sacred sound, which create an altered state of consciousness and take you on a journey to expand into the beautiful expanse of the Cosmos. A full soundscape using a selection of gongs, bowls and other sound tools. 
Things you need to know:
We have blankets and pillows for your comfort.
Doors open half an hour before and close at the start time.  Please don`t knock on the door after the start time.
For those with mobility or back problems we have recliners available by arrangement, inthe interests of safety there is a weight limit of 150kg.
Age limit 16yrs and over.
Sound Baths may not be suitable :
-        If you have a pacemaker, and may affect other metal objects such as artificial joints
-        If you suffer from seizures of any kind
-        If you are pregnant
-        If you use certain hearing aids
If you have any questions or are wanting to let us know you are on the way then please message directly, or text (07916913686), as we will are not always aware of comments on the events page.
Exchange - £11.50 (inc.booking fee)