VOLUNTEERS NEEDED | Church of Scientology and Community Centre of Dublin | Saturday, 21. July 2018

This is a community movement to educate children and adults about the real consequences of drugs.
Help us to give out information booklets to local stores!
According to a recent article in The Journal:

Ireland’s rate of high-risk opioid use is the second highest in Europe, after the UK.
Ireland has nearly 19,000 high-risk opioid (drugs derived from opium, including morphine) users.
33% of those taking drugs first did so at AGE 16 or younger.
More than 200 OVERDOSE every year.
The drug induced mortality rate in Ireland is over 3 TIMES the European average.
Over 16,000 DRUG OFFENCES are committed each year in Ireland.

Donal Kiernan, former Garda sergeant and Chairman of the Irish Association of Alcohol and Addiction Counsellors was quoted by the Independent to say: “Some Irish children are dabbling in drugs from as young as 11 or 12. Even around 14 or 15 years of age they are engaging now with cannabis, smoking and pill popping."

One of the most common reasons why people take drugs in the first place is they simply don’t know the truth. The facts and figures, the real stories of real people.
We are getting the “Truth About Drugs” educational booklets into local stores, hence empowering the community through education and the possibility to educate others.

Some feedback from our local shops so far:
Store in Tallaght - “It is so great that you give people a solution like this, because if they had the information, they would have probably never taken drugs in the first place.”
Store in Old Bawn Shopping Centre - “We definitely need to spread this information, it is a big issue in the Tallaght area, you are welcome to come back any time to put up more of these booklets.”
Store in Tallaght Village – “Your programme works really well - people take the booklets and they read them, they are really interested. I read it myself and I was impressed. It is exactly what it is - the truth."
Help us tackle the drug problem with education! Register now!
Join us on Saturday, 21st July at 12:30 pm and help to educate the community on the truth about drugs!
See more scheduled dates below and registered for as many distributions as you wish!
Do you want to add your area to the booklet distribution? Do you want to organize your own group? Contact Cecile Carricart - Drug Free World Campaign Coordinator at the Scientology Community Centre on (01) 541 8000.

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Sunday, 22nd July 1:00 pm
Saturday, 28th July 12:30 pm
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Saturday, 4th August 12:30 pm
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Monday, 23rd July 2:00 pm
Tuesday, 24th July 2:00 pm
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