20. September 2019 - 9:30 till 16:30
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Special Seating a Masterclass - Sharon Sutherland (Intermediate/Advanced) | Simple Stuff Works Associates Ltd | Friday, 20. September 2019

Getting to the core of the problem: Critical steps that are essential when carrying out positioning- seating assessments regardless of the complexity of the client
 Do we know what we are looking for?  How to understand the information we find and how to translate the findings into optimal solutions 
This interactive program will take participants from interdisciplinary teams through the journey that we are faced with every day as we are tasked with recommending optimal seating and positioning with or without mobility solutions for our clients. Whether you are new to this positioning-seating –mobility world or have been associated with the prescription of positioning solutions for many years, this educational opportunity will leave you refreshed and excited about the possibilities.
During our beginner/intermediate day together we will ensure that everyone feels confident to identify the key aspects of seating provision. Our intermediate/advanced day builds on this confidence to explore more complex seating challenges.
The concept of an ideal sitting footprint will be reviewed. We will look at common symptoms that we see every day in the seated client and ask ourselves if we are really identifying the cause of the problem or simply reacting to the associated symptoms. We will discuss the 3 top questions that need answers related to identifying clients at high risk of seated related pressure injuries. Case stories as well as interactive discussion will be utilized to navigate our way through this critical assessment and discovery process.
 Learning Objectives

1.    Identify 3 commonly seen symptoms in the seated client
2.    List the steps involved in the hands-on positioning-seating assessment
3.    Create an option A and an option B prescription solution in generic terms for 2 of the most common assessment findings
4.    Describe 2 positives and 2 potential negatives that can be observed when gravity is used to optimize function and skin Integrity preservation
5.    Identify two best practices in management of skin integrity related to seating 

CPD Accreditation pending
Sharon Sutherland PT, MISCP,MNAPTA: Owner/Manager of Seating Solutions LLC. 
Sharon is an independent physiotherapist who specialises in the field of Postural Care/Seating, Positioning and Mobility.  Since the late 80’s Sharon has been conducting hands on assessments for individuals presenting with more complex postural deviations and needs. She has learned to recognize that positive measurable change to this shape distortion so common among the individuals she has served truly happens through 24 hour postural care management as opposed to through the seating solution where most focus is often placed. Graduating from The University of Dublin, Trinity College as a Physiotherapist, Sharon has experienced many aspects of the positioning, seating and mobility service delivery models in North America, Latin America and in the EU. She offers clinical consultation to clients/patients, clinicians and manufacturers worldwide. She has given over 800 presentations on positioning, seating and mobility to audiences including physio/physical and occupational therapists, engineers, physicians, attorneys, nurses and case managers worldwide. Sharon is a contributing author in the recently published “Seating and Wheeled Mobility: A Clinical Resource Guide”. Known to many as a dynamic, compassionate and highly energetic speaker, Sharon’s knowledge and clinical experience makes her a very skilled clinician and instructor.
Sharon can be contacted at
Phone: +353(0)830349266
Email: sharronpra@msn.com 
Website: www.seatingsolutionsllc.com