11. July 2020 - 22:00
Somerset, Taunton
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Mystical forest 2020 | Saturday, 11. July 2020

After a moment of silence, the healing rhythms of the forest can once again be heard distantly whispering between the trees. After the difficult moments we have all been faced with in recent months, a ritual gathering has been decided upon with a limited capacity. In order to maintain a safe and controlled gathering, just 150 tickets will be available for friends of the Tribe to celebrate in our secret location. Extra measures will also be in place to protect the ritual.

Now it is time to dance together again! ??x


?Live act ?

Mandala - Nano Records



Psycode - woo-dog recordings


Krosis - woo-dog recordings


Omni - Gandaky tribe


Cybernetic ghost - woo-dog recordings


Ls me - Vilde Chaya



Ticket requests:

Send an email to email

- Including Full Name and Photo ID

...details of the party come with the ticket ?

Tickets - SOLD OUT!!


-Gandaky tribe

-Omni Visuals


⚕️ COVID-19 ⚕️

Whilst we are taking extra measures to ensure the safety of our community by providing a sanitisation station, please be aware that we cannot guarantee 0% risk. To help us with this, please come prepared with protection and stay mindful about social distancing and how you share.

If you notice any symptoms before or after the party, please follow government guidelines and self-isolate. Your cooperation is much appreciated ♥

Ps: Keep you mind positive and be happy ...