29. September 2018 - 10:00
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A2B 6 week course 'Confidence to be your Best YOU' (Saturdays) | Hollywood House | Saturday, 29. September 2018

This 6 week course is on a Saturday from 10am until 4.30pm *exluding half term 27.10.18
This course is designed to develop your Confidence in many areas of your life, and is for You – or your staff, if you or they, would like to feel and be more CONFIDENT
Topics to be covered:
·          What is Confidence and Self-confidence? What is confidence to you?  
·          Understanding yourself, and how your mind works
·          What makes You - YOU
·         looking after Yourself 
·         Saying No and saying Yes!
·          Why we find change difficult 
·          How we learn things. Learning about Habits and Beliefs 
·          Motivation - how to set goals and break things down into small steps 
·          How to find out what you like, and what you want 
·         Communication- Body Language Getting your message across and being heard
·          Stepping outside of your Comfort Zone and building resilience 
·          Understanding Anxiety and Stress and how to overcome them 


If this is for you, then I would be delighted to see you and work with you. If you feel it would benefit someone you know then please let them know about the course.
You really do get value from the 6 weeks and it will have a wonderfully positive impact for you.
Over the 6 weeks
                          *YOU WILL FEEL HAPPIER ABOUT BEING YOU AND
                                   MORE CONFIDENT TO BE YOUR BEST YOU*
*Confident, motivated and productive at work or within your business, helping you to interact with customers and colleagues in a good way that makes you feel happier in yourself
*It will help you feel more confident to give presentations and go for interviews.
*It will also help you find different ways of dealing with various situations or people confidently.
*Not only will your confidence improve, but your self-esteem too. (how you feel about yourself and like/love yourself.)
This course will be friendly and relaxed, and the groups are small.  
There will be support at all times, to help you complete tasks, join in discussions, and do some homework, and have Fun
You will be given folders to keep all your work in and all materials are provided
Get yourself ready to **** the Autumn and winter with Confidence :-)
A Payment of a deposit can be arranged to secures your place, of £55 then one payment of £110 or two more of £55 - **please contact me 
*I have kept the costs as low as I can, because I am passionate about helping people feel more confident and happier in themselves.
I can provide tea and coffee at the venue, and I do bring snacks, please bring yourself a packed lunch.
There is plenty of parking and the venue is easy to get to.
**There is a speed camera on the stretch of road just after the entrance, which will be on your left – so if you do go past it on your side of the road, you have gone too far, but there is a round-a-bout up ahead to go around. The venue is soon after the speed camera if you are on the opposite side, and you need to turn right into the entrance, but there is also a round-a-bout ahead to go around, which can make getting into the entrance easier, or if you miss it. (The entrance is between two houses.)
*Sadly the building is quite old, and there is no lift to the room I will be using which is up two flight of stairs
**there is also the same course running on a Tuesday, from the 25th September 2018
Any other questions - do please email me 
please check out my website for testimonials 

Feedback I have received on publishing this course:
'Liz Bylett - This is such an awesome course, I had the pleasure of attending a class that Andre ran which was very similar, yes I am very confident in many areas of my life but I believe we can all learn something new and Andrea's extensive knowledge in this area inspires and embeds tools and resilience to deal with life's challenges.
Yes it was brilliant wasn’t it?? Thoroughly recommended! - Julie Quick
I am working with Andrea now and she is amazing . X   - Julie B
Sarah Hawes - This course will be amazing if you're looking to be more confident and happy. I can highly recommend Andrea - she has changed my life with her hypnotherapy and is such a lovely person - just right for a course like this!'