21. May 2021 - 8:30 till 16:30
Tewin Bury Farm Hotel, Welwyn Garden City
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Dr Tony Attwood Conference with SPACE HERTFORDSHIRE | Friday, 21. May 2021

SPACE are thrilled to announce we are hosting a conference by the world renowned Dr Tony Attwood who is flying over from Australia.

About this Event

Morning presentationCognitive Abilities: A Different Way Of Thinking And Learning Profile

This presentation will focus on the profile of cognitive abilities associated with ASD/Autism/Asperger’s syndrome. There will be an emphasis on the distinct profile of intellectual abilities, problems with executive function, flexible thinking, coping with mistakes and weak central coherence. There will be strategies described that may help improve motivation, organisational skills and academic achievement.

Afternoon presentationAdolescent issues for Autistic Teenagers

This presentation focuses on issues faced by teenagers on the Autistic Spectrum , which range from the physical aspects of puberty to changes in friendship, the development of sexuality, the change in academic expectations, emotion management, issues regarding self-esteem, and preparation for college and employment.

This event should be of interest to those supporting children and young people (0-25 years) with or without a diagnosis of autism including:

  • Parent/Carers
  • Head Teachers, Teachers, Senco's and Teaching Assistants
  • Local Authority Statutory Services
  • Student Support Services
  • Educational Psychologists
  • Further Education and University Lecturers and Researchers
  • Social Workers and Social Care Staff
  • Childcare Staff and managers
  • Health Professionals and CAMHS workers
  • Others with an interest

Dr Tony Attwood is well known for sharing his knowledge of Aspergers Syndrome and Autism. He has an Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Hull, Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Surrey and a PhD from the University of London. He is currently adjunct Associate Professor at Griffith University in Queensland.

Tony has written several publications on Asperger's Syndrome. His book, titled Aspergers Syndrome, has now been translated into several languages.

Tony operates his clinic two days a week from his home in Brisbane and supports children and adults by visiting them at school and home. He also spends a large amount of time travelling nationally and internationally to present workshops and papers.