24. January 2019 - 18:00 till 21:00
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Design 2019 to be your BEST year EVER! | Amore | Thursday, 24. January 2019

Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur?  Or, maybe you are running a CIC or a charity?Do you feel frustrated that 2018 hasn’t gone quite as well as you would like?  Is money not flowing well enough into your business?You haven’t got enough clients or customers?You are experiencing difficult relationships either with clients or staff or in your personal life?You LOVE the work that you do and are good at it and you know deep down you are meant to do this work/provide this service?You often consider packing it all in and getting a j.o.b. even though you really don’t want to, simply because it’s all such an uphill struggle?Or, did 2018 go well but you would like to create an amazing 2019 and achieve even better results?If any of the above sounds like you, I can help!I have been creating vision maps and encouraging clients to create them for the last 25 years!  This workshop isn’t like any other workshop you’ve been on or heard about. For the last 25 years, I have been studying psychology, energy psychology, vibrational medicine formally and informally.  My initial interest and passion for this work wasto help myself feel better in this world and to achieve what often seemed out of my grasp.  After training as a holistic therapist and working 000’s of client sessions my life’s work shifted to helping clients with mind and spirit, helping them to change their minds, clear their negative thinking and beliefs, helping them connect with their true essence, helping them understand who they really and teaching them how to create whatever they want in their vision maps works!  But it’s not just about sticking pictures to a board or card.  If you have read The Secret or anything on the Law of Attraction you will know that ‘this stuff works’ but you might have also experienced when it doesn’t work!  And, that is when it can be frustrating, annoying and demoralising.  You might be unsure as to where to put your vision map or whether to keep it hidden in order to activate it.In this uniqueworkshopyou not only create a beautiful Vision Map to inspire you and anchor your vision for 2019.  You will also …Discover what your heart and soul truly desires for YOU!Learn why vision maps sometimes don’t work and how to fix that!Find out what to do with it and when you need to keep somethings a how affirmations and journaling can be are useful and how they can turbo-charge your dreams!Find out what you need to get rid of and how to call in the things you want for 2019.  We will focus on physical, mental and emotional clutter and how it is blocking your success.  We will look at how clutter affects you and how to find where it is in your home or out how to tap into the vision you have created for 2019 - this is a secret sprinkle right at your fingertips!Learn how you create what you want and change your life from the inside out - this one is very powerful and has 3 magic ingredients accessible to us ALL but known how they work together only by the few.“Very different from other Vision Board Courses in a very positive way.  Came away feeling very positive about the future.  Thank you Ann-Marie”  Mark Bristow“Lovely day.  Felt so peaceful and relaxed.  Really able to think about what I wanted to create in my life.  Really loved the guided meditation and the Feng shui - lots to think about.”  Sue“Fabulous day - well organised and informative, with plans and information to take the map into the future and reinforce its effects.  Would definitely recommend”. Annette Rigby“Really enjoyable day.  A gentle reminder of what I’m not doing.  Meditation and tapping sections were excellent.  Tranquil and peaceful afternoon compiling my own vision boards.  Leaving today feeling refreshed, upbeat and revitalised.  Thank you.” Anne MellorAll materials will be included for this inspirational workshop as well as a light buffet ‘tea’ including world famous Slattery’s cakes!  Yum!Places are limited so I can give everyone who attends the individual attention that they before 31st December 2018 to get the Early Bird Offer.Any queries message me or ring M: 07740929052