19. October 2019 - 9:00 till 10:00
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Trial Session at Cleves School Weybridge - Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals | Cleves School | Saturday, 19. October 2019

Free Trial session at British School of Rock
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Children start learning a musical instrument because they have been inspired by a piece of music or a performer. Many give up within weeks because they are only playing scales and exercises that are no fun and do not seem to be leading anywhere.
British School of Rock is different! From their very first day our students not only play songs, but play them in a real rock band! Our students want to practice, do their exercises and learn to read music because they know this will enable them to play the songs better each week.
Our Trial Sessions enable potential students to experience our unique teaching methods before making any commitment. Both beginners and advanced students are welcome, and they can bring their own instrument or use ours. Beginners will find this session an easy and gentle introduction.
Playing in a band not only teaches musical skills but also builds confidence and develops cooperation, negotiation and team-working. It’s an enjoyable way to gain vital life skills, make lasting friendships and discover a love of making music that will last a lifetime. 
Click SELECT A DATE above to arrange your own Free Session - we'll make sure you get a real taste of this unique method of learning to play!
Want a more immersive experience? Why not enjoy two weeks of full lessons at a cost of £50.00? Provided we have a place, your child can enjoy two consecutive weeks at British School of Rock with no obligation to continue. To enrol click here
If you cannot make a 9.00am session please email me and I will see if I can arrange another time - weybridge@britishschoolofrock.co.uk