28. April 2017 - 10:00 till 16:00
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Dog Training Ninjas | Standish Methodist Church | Friday, 28. April 2017

Dog Training Ninjas, trainers unite forever improving...

Brought to you by Danielle Beck and Jo Pay

Dog Training Ninjas is a group that has come together to offer in-depth, scientific, and progressive, hands on training skills for fellow dog trainers and enthusiastic pet owners who enjoy the techie side of training their dog and want to learn more.
Our aim is to share science with you, to teach you how to plan behaviours; how to carry out your training plan successfully, to be flexible, to have the skills to assess as you trainer and adapt and re-plan as you train. The workshops will all have a large practical element where you will be training your own dog, based on your plan.
These workshops are progressive. Our aim is to equip you with the science, the terminology and the hands on skills to move on to work on complex duration and precision behaviours with your own dog and the ability to go and teach them to others. We are aiming to support one another, to be open and welcoming, sharing information with each other in order to expand our individual skill sets.

The first workshop is for a day. This workshop will cover learning theory, technical terminology and a complete glossary, reinforcers, how to make a plan and practical learning of our foundation position that will be used to underpin all of the training that we work on together for the future.

This workshop will cost £80 for handlers and £45 for spectators. We will take a maximum of 6 handlers and 10 spectators. It will run from 10am until 4pm.
Following workshops will be for an afternoon only, running from 1pm – 4pm and will be heavily practical, with less lecturing; these will focus on hands on training, observations, planning and execution of your training.
These sessions will cost £40 for handlers and £20 for spectators.
Handler places will be limited to 6, just due to the size of the venue, but handlers can take it in turns on different dates and if dogs can settle in crates happily then we may be able to accommodate more.
Again, we will take 10 spectators.
Video submissions of your hands on training can also be submitted and we can go over these during the workshops as a group, so even if your dog is not with you for one workshop, you will hopefully achieve progression in your training.

Refreshments are provided.
You will need to bring your own lunch.
Venue is The Methodist Church Hall, High Street Standish, WN6 0HA.
There is on site parking, disabled access and kitchen.
You will need a settle blanket for your dog, lots and lots and LOTS of treats, your clicker, treat bag and other containers for food, water for your dog and a sense of adventure!

Payments must be made at the time of booking.
A more detailed timetable for workshop one will be released in a couple of weeks.
Dates of workshops are: Fri 28 April 10 – 4, Fri 2 June 1 – 4, Fri 25 Aug 1 - 4, Fri 20 Oct 1 - 4, Fri 8 Dec 1 – 4.

To book, please email: Info@daniellebeck.co.uk