21. November 2020 - 9:30 till 16:30
Wandsworth Professional Development Centre, Wimbledon
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Cath Knibbs: Cybertrauma | Saturday, 21. November 2020

Cath Knibbs - Cybertrauma. A one day introductory workshop exploring new traumas emerging in the digital age enabling conversation & action.

About this Event

Cybertrauma training: An introductory course enabling conversation and action.

What is it, why do I need to know and how can I help?

Cybertrauma is any trauma that a person suffers through or via digital devices or online spaces. For young people the prevalence of online abuse and harm is increasing alongside the complexities of the issues they ****. Often the parents/carers of and professionals working with these young people are unaware of these issues or feel their children know more about technology than they do and this course can help you gain the knowledge needed to close that gap

What does the day cover:

Cybertrauma: What is this and why does this differ from corporeal (real life) trauma? What is the impact and what can I do?

A simple bio/psycho/social model of attachment and polyvagal approaches to device/game use in children and young people.

Infant and child development in a world of screens and devices

Social media and gaming. What to look out for, what are the dangers and myths?

Screen time and mental health; is there a real link?

Addiction to social media; is it really pathological?

Can gaming be an addiction, is it really a disorder, what’s the evidence?

Cyberbullying. Definitions/typology, impact and treatment

Online abuse, harms and dangers. How to assess risk and safeguard

Managing use of devices, gaming and screen time

Digital parenting; why this is a new paradigm

Body image and the influence of Instagram/Snapchat on the developing young person

About the tutor:


Cath is a Clinical researcher helping you understand human behaviours in a digital world, and has written a theory about why we behave online in the manner we do. She is a speaker, trainer, supervisor, vlogger and podcaster. She is completing a PhD in Cybertrauma which is one area of online related issues that parents, professionals and counsellors will be interested to learn more about. She is the Director for Privacy 4 Therapists, which is an industry standard relating to privacy of data and she is the Director for ACTO’s Research & Development section. She is also a Functional Trauma Psychotherapist using nutrigenomics to support her work for her clients and she is a #biohacker- meaning she uses technology to help her attain optimal performance and flow for her busy life.

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