10. August 2017 - 12:00
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Boomtown 2017 | Boomtown Fair | Thursday, 10. August 2017

Thinking of getting an event together to head to boomtown ch9 behind the mask!!!

This is not the event page!! Just a page to organise people to get there and back!!
  • Anyone selling 1 adult weekend ticket and a parking ticket? Cash waiting x
  • FREE shuttle boomtown weekend ticket, couldn't go and couldn't sell so giving away, +44 7713 332452
  • Still looking for a lift from Bristol to Boomtown tomorrow Friday morning/afternoon for 2 people. Thanks X
  • Looking for a ticket and ideally a late London coach x
  • Get at me if you're selling, PayPal waiting
  • Selling 1 boomtown ticket message me
  • selling 1 adult ticket, can drop it just need it gone, any offers
  • Anyone selling under 18 ticket? Standing in ***** now! I have possibly brought a fake one from a 'Ella rose may' on Boomtown 2017 site as she has now blocked me!
  • 2x adult full weekend tickets for sale. 160 each, 290 both pm me
  • anyone selling a parking ticket????
  • SELLING 2 BOOMTOWN TICKETS!!! will change the names first and show any proof you require! PM ME! Time is of the essence x
  • Selling Boomtown ticket send me a message !!
  • neeeeeeed 1 ticket
  • Does anyone have a spare Boomtown ticket?!
  • Does anybody know last time of entry tonight? Also can I bring a photocopy of my passport instead of the real thing if it's my only ID?
  • 1 boomtown ticket for sale x
  • Has anyone got a 3pm coach ticket going? A friend is in need of one.
  • 1 boomtown ticket for sale
  • Selling my boomtown ticket!
  • Can anyone do a lift from blue car park to Red? £30
  • Where abouts do u buy a car parking pass from? Are they on the gate? x
  • Selling a Weekend + Camping ticket
  • Waiting on my coach from cambridge. Anyone fancy a cider?
  • Selling my boomtown ticket! Inbox me