09. August 2018 - 12:00
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Boomtown CH 10 - The Machine Cannot Be Stopped | Boomtown Fair | Thursday, 09. August 2018

The story continues... Chapter 10 tickets are released at 7pm, Wednesday the 1st of November **
  • Gets us every time...
  • more (not psy) trance pls 👍🏻
  • I know tents are not permitted in the campervan area but are awnings allowed?
  • One of the stand out Reggae shows for Chapter 9 was Jesse Royal up at The Windmill. His debut album is out on Easy Star Records this week and we highly recommend it - check out his website for more info: www.jesseroyalmusic.com
  • mmmmmm boomtown
  • Band applications are open now folks - you've got until the 6th of November!
  • Aphex twin for boomtown CH 10!
  • Fellow Boomers that bellow rumours from Bang-Hai roof tops to trench town troopers!! There's something a bit CH 10 about these!!? https://www.facebook.com/simon.briscoe.35/posts/1975283092751856
  • Toots and the Maytals returning triumphant to the UK's biggest reggae stage - what a moment this was 🙌
  • Death Grips for '18
  • Conor O'Gorman Amber Potter-Drake George Beattie Ryan Arnold Liam Thomas we are going this year for deffo!!!!
  • Someone take me to this please!
  • Amy Lambourne Charlotte Holman Nicole Appadu 😁😁😁😁
  • Tickets are coming... Mark your calendars for 7pm, Wednesday the 1st of November! **
  • Yo Boom! Definitely get Wonderlandia Hot Tub Wonderland back next year. Lovely staff and brilliant hot tubs! X
  • CH9's official timetable for all those asking who played where...?! **
  • How much extra is it for a trailer tent?
  • Bridging the old with the new, Whistler's Green and Kidztown, Boomtown Fair were buzzing this year! **
  • Im coming along but i will be in a caravan, whats it like getting in with one, i heard it was a mission to get in at the main gates or ch9 something along the lines of a 7 hour wait
  • ***Parental Advisory Warning*** Sublime With Rome closing the Town Centre stage on Sunday 🙌
  • Recommendations for next years head liners, dr dre, snoop dogg ft eminem (G UNIT). I rekon they could top cypress hill. Would be so f $#*#g epic :D
  • I hope you don't mind me posting. Delete if not allowed..... Please can some one help me?? I'm looking for a rave/hippie shop from festivals. I'm trying to find sequin things and a hippie top that I should of bought, but didn't 😢
  • Amazing that we all pulled together to make this happen - thank you! ** For a more in depth into what went where, have a look on our website here >> http://bit.ly/2yc1RLJ
  • Arrested Development live at the Town Centre x