09. August 2018 - 12:00
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Boomtown CH10: The Machine Cannot Be Stopped | Boomtown Fair | Thursday, 09. August 2018

The story continues... **
  • Our next district line-up announcement arrives tomorrow... ! x
  • When does the city map come out?? Need to know which pre pitched to buy! 🎉
  • It's here... the first of our district line-up announcements!
  • Whistlers Green line up in less than 2 hours....!
  • Our debut video! 2 shows at Boomtown 2018 to be announced soon!
  • Happy day of love to you all! ❤️
  • Whistlers Green district line-up arrives tomorrow...
  • Is there no Boomtique this year? Or have they all sold out already?
  • Here's an update on the potential Wednesday opening for everyone asking. This is still part of on ongoing process and nothing is yet confirmed, we will of course make an official announcement if it goes ahead.
  • anyone selling a ticket with coach from brighton?
  • Are there no day tickets available?
  • Does anyone know if/which district has the roller disco stage? I might need to pack skates too!
  • Holly Sean Daly keen ? **
  • Hi 💚 losing my boomtown virginity this year LOL does anyone fancy paying me 58 as I got two tickets pay by deposit scheme and no longer need one of the tickets all I need to do is change details then at least u have the motivation there to get it paid before June...pm me for more details 😘😘💖💖
  • I’ve heard a rumour is now starts on Wednesday? Is this true?!
  • Boomtown please help is hospitality on the line hospitality records or the band hospitality please put an end to my cluelessness looool
  • T I C K E T W A R N I N G !
  • We cant wait for Boomtown!!
  • It's here.... 👀
  • 17:01 👀
  • Come on. Hurry up I can't wait any more
  • My boomtown whatsapp group has been pretty active today, we been taking bets on who gets announced at 5pm 🤟🏻
  • What time is the lineup announced??
  • so excited for this line up please hurry and drop it .... :)
  • Who's ready...?! #BoomtownCH10