04. February 2018 - 17:30 till 21:00
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Anything Goes first meet of 2018 | The Hive | Sunday, 04. February 2018

This is a chilled out static meet for all that are interested in cars/ bikes whether they be standard or modified, everyone is welcome so come along and show off your pride and joy!

Here's the rules 👇🏼

You MUST pay for parking. Due to the meet being hosted on a public car park you have to follow the rules from the council to pay as any other person would on a normal day. There usually is wardens going around checking so it's best to play it safe and just buy one. They're only £1 on a Sunday evening so it's hardly breaking the bank!

This is a STATIC meet so absolutely NO anti-social driving / unnecessary revving in or around the area of the meet. Any antisocial driving reported within a 1 mile radius of the meet will be targeted to us so we ask you to have respect for residents, other road users/ public. Simply find a space and pay for parking & enjoy the night :)

As much as we all love a good sound system we have had a few reports of music being played too loud so we need to keep this to a minimum due to the fact there are flats not too far from the location.

LITTER - This ones not rocket science, please put your rubbish in the bins on location rather than on the floor. We know it's only a small minority that do this but the car parks have been left in a state after the meets before so if everyone can follow this one it'll help us a great deal!

Also a pre warning there will more than likely be Police present at the meet so we advise you all to use common sense when driving in and around the car park!

We hope you all can cooperate with us and follow the rules to ensure we have a safe and enjoyable event. There will be a few stickers on sale for £2 each and if anyone's interested in hoodies, sweaters or t-shirts we can take pre-orders now so drop the page a dm and we can get them sorted for you!
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  • come on people it's the first meet of 2018, let's get these numbers up and start this year in the right way, so get sharing!! post in the comments below what you're going to be bringing 👇👇 also keep your eyes open in the next few weeks for a few competition 😎
  • Havent been to a meet in years but . Will be there in this truk . just finished building any more landys that go ?
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  • Dan Thompson
  • Anyone bringing monopoly? My mate lent me the Game of Thrones edition if anyone is interested. Can play for pink slips? Pic of my whip below 🔥🔥🔥
  • Will be there 👌🏼
  • I'll be bring this been a while since I've been to this meet